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Our Same-Day Urine cleansing solutions are made from the finest natural ingredients. The unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal cleansers create a same day solution that works in 45 minutes and last for over 5 hours. Our products are 100% undetectable and all natural. All of our same day kits perform as an all natural body cleanser, we are NOT A MASK.

The process works by producing a high amount of carbohydrates which stops the kidneys form releasing toxins into the urinary tract and preventing new toxins from entering the bladder.

This process is 100% safe and occurs naturally when one consumes a high amount of carbohydrates such as breads and pastas. The same day cleaner contains Gum Arabic and other natural herbs and minerals which act as an astringent or sponge actually collecting toxins in the stomach, urinary tract and bladder and processing them into the body’s waste system. Our products also contain marshmallow root which is an all natural diuretic enhancing ones natural detoxification process by speeding up the process of urination, hence cleansing the body of all toxins in the urine. The same day cleaner then naturally refortifies the body with clean urine which is ph balanced and contains a multivitamin and the proper amounts of creatine and nutrients so the sample given is Clean and healthy.

This process takes 45 minutes to 90 minutes and lasts 5-6 hours depending on which particular product is used. All of our same day cleansers meet these criteria.

Toxin Levels -- For good health, the amount of toxins in the body should be minimal. Nutra-Cleanse Brand products have unique formulations that reduce toxins to preferred levels.

PH -- The acid or base level of the body's fluids is measured by pH. Our research has led to the inclusion of active ingredients that have been shown to help maintain a healthy pH.

Nitrites -- Found in many consumable products, nitrites collect in the body and can be very harmful. Nutra Cleanse products are made entirely without nitrites to maintain optimal health.

Creatine -- Re leased from muscle tissue, a regular level of creatine indicates good health. The addition of creatine in all Nutra Cleanse internal use products helps the body produce a desired amount of creatine.