Nicotine Cleanser

This body cleansing program helps remove nicotine from your body. Nicotine Cleanse is very popular among smokers that are quitting as well as those who want to cleanse their body of all nicotine quickly. For smokers who want to quit, this type of nicotine cleansing program helps more rapidly flush the toxins from your body that create the strongest initial cravings.

Nicotine Cleanse comes with 2 free nicotine home test kits so you know that you are cleansed!

Nicotine Cleanse

Nicotine Cleanse by Nutra Cleanse is a trusted solution for nicotine detoxification and perfect for anyone that wants to quickly clean nicotine out of their body. This 3 day detox program removes any and all  nicotine from your system.

Single Panel Nicotine Test

This easy to use home test kit allows you to test your urine for the presence of nicotine.

About the Home Test Kit

    • Nicotine 50 ng/mL: Industry standard level of THC testing
    • Most sensitive instant home Nicotine test on the market
    • Detects Nicotine above the level of 50 ng/mL
    • 99% accurate results within minutes