Worked Perfectly
“I used this product today and it worked perfectly. Thanks, I’ll recommend it.”

I was Skeptical, I PASSED
“ I was skeptical, but I bought your product, followed the directions, I PASSED.”

It does work. It did for me.
“ I took the never fail, drank the water and took a home test. It was clear.”

Worked Fabulously!
“Hello, I would just like to say, this product was great, and it worked fabulously!”

Great Product
“Great product that I will certainly recommend to anyone needing to get clean quickly! THANK YOU!!”

Thank you!
“Just wanted to say thank you! Husband has been a very heavy smoker for the last 15 years. he passed!”

Worked for me!
“I used it and it worked for me! Thanks!”

It worked!
“I used the 3 day moderate kit as I am an occasional smoker and it worked great! The home test kits gave me such confidence to know my results when I was done! Highly recommended, thank you!”

GREAT Products
“5 day detox worked for me. I can not thank you enough! thanks for being there, and thank you for a GREAT product!!!!!!”

Total lifesaver
“The Extreme Cleanse was a total lifesaver, I was clean after 5 days….”

I was clean in 4 Days
“I used your 5 day Extreme kit and used my first THC test kit after 4 days just to see and I was already clean! Thank you guys very much for an awesome product. ”

Ordered the heavy user detox
“Worked great for me and also a friend I work with. Helpful staff too. ”

It did work for me!
“Whilst i understand this might not work for all it definitely worked for me and I’m clean after taking the 5 day cleanse.”

I am Clean!
“I got the 10 day detox because I weigh 265 pounds. I used my first home test kit after day 7 just to see and was not clean but on day 10 when I tested again I was clean!!”

This product is great!
“This product is great! I use the permanent cleanse twice a year to give my body an oil change! I ordered the 10 day cleanse; usually I do 5 days but this time I needed more.”